Tecnica Ski Boots

tecnica-logoTecnica is a product driven company – focusing on the best quality, best performing and best fitting footwear, be it hard charging race ski boots, ski boots for the entry level skier, high-fashion apres footwear or outdoor athletic shoes. We are a company of skiers and outdoor people – former NCAA athletes, Professional Ski Instructors of America and coaches.  We know skiing from all aspects and have a love and passion for the sport.

Tecnica Bonafide 110


Tecnica Bonafide 110

The all-new Bonafide is built for gnarly terrain where PERFORMANCE is critical. This 98mm low volume boot will give you classic Tecnica performance, and blow you away with its many tech options specifically designed for getting after whatever terrain you can dream up and chase. Interchangeable soles (from DIN to Tech) offers hike capability with downhill performance. The Bonafide is more forgiving with a 110 flex than the 130 flex Bodacious.

Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN

Tecnica Cochise 120

The all new Cochise is changing the game when it comes to Side Country skiing. This boot offers touring capability with the Interchangeable Soles and Cuff Mobility System, without sacrificing downhill performance. Gone are the days of choosing between the convenience of a better "up" boot versus a kick butt alpine "down" boot. Get the Cochise and get it all. A Cochise Light Liner that makes the boot 1 lb. 3 oz. lighter per pair is available to purchase (In Parts).

Winner of the Powder Magazine's Skier's Choice Fantasy Draft, Powder says: "These boots are the next step in the solution for anyone that's ever needed the stiffness of an alpine boot but missed their walk mode and Vibram sole. With tech and DIN soles available and a powerful buckle system power strap, these boots have the best of both worlds. Since there is no real standardized system for flex indexes, the 120 flex doesn't compare directly with the 120 of a strictly alpine boot. But it's certainly stiffer than other brands' AT boots claiming the same number. I would happily ski these inbounds all day and even more happily turn on the walk mode for a sidecountry hike, sled lap, or apres time." Ian Fohrman

 Tecnica Demon 130

Tecnica Demon 130

The new Demon 130 is for expert, racer or professional skiers looking for the best performance and responsiveness. Features the performance characteristics of our race boot, but with a more forgiving fit.

Winner of a SKI Magazine Gold Medal, testers say "One of the few, the proud, the medium-width 130s. The Demon 130 takes Inferno-inspired stance geometry and bolts on a metal cuff plate and rigid sole-reinforcement frame for bomb-shelter-solid edge power and stability. Big men with thick hooves will love the spacious lower and snug, supportive cuff. And no exorcism is required to get this Demon off (or on). So easy.

 Tecnica Viva Demon 100 Airshell

Tecnica Viva Demon 100 Air Shell

The new Viva Demon 100 offers precision and performance for the advanced to expert female skier with a low to medium volume fit. Air shell helps fine tune the fit and combined with the velvet fur lining enhances warmth. 3D flared scalloped calf adapter construction give the lower leg the needed room.

Winner of a SKI Magazine Gold Medal, testers say "With ample room in the lower to cradle the most cherubic of feet and an air-bladder liner to wrap everything in a firm, warm cloud, the Demon got heavenly marks. Air Shell on a medium-width Demon gave testers a noticeably more defined fit with a few pumps, and features like sliding buckle catches, a removable rear spoiler and fur liner trim are blessings.”

Tecnica Bodacious 65

Tecnica Bodacious Jr. LG

For the intermediate to advanced junior FreeRide skier. Great for the park & pipe or just cruising the mountain.